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Yes I am still here and I am still quite active on Facebook :p There had been so many things going on. I feel so blessed that I landed with another job as a VA. I like my boss, he’s Indian (he kinda reminds me of that guy from The Big Bang Theory. Raj? Yes.) I am desperately in need of extra minutes of sleep, I can’t seem to handle well my working hours which is 1pm-10pm (I play games from 10pm until the wee hours of morning :p) so that’s why a few minutes of sleep are so rare and precious for me.

To wrap this post up, I feel so blessed even though my collection of books and other stuff were washed up by the flood. HAHA t.t


Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂





25th Silver Anniversary~ Birthday! xD

Hey, Hey! It’s my birthday! 

I’m loved! I’m blessed! I’m thankful! The people in my life are the ones who showed me this!
I know it’s not about the gifts and all but still I’m thankful for them. First my mom gave me a Sapphire HD 7770 Graphics Card and was totally blown away after having installed it on my pc. High resolution gaming again! FTW!


At 12 am midnight, my bro and his gf surprised me with a birthday cake whilst playing HON. Oh the look on my face! 🙂

Next would be the early morning surprise of my boyfriend during my birthday. The fact that he’s not even a morning person and he didn’t sleep the night before my birthday just so he could give me this early morning birthday surprise! Dan Brown‘s new novel Inferno and roses! (sweet right?)


And lastly, my father and my extended family visited me and then celebrated my birthday with me. I haven’t had the chance to take photos since I forgot to charge Biboy! (sad T_T) But all will be remembered of course!

Bahasa Indonesia 101

Wait! I am having second thoughts whether to post this or not. Are we even allowed to post swear words in our blogs? Well who cares. I find it strange that the only Bahasa Indonesian words I know are all swears and curses. Well this is what you get when you play too much real-time strategy games like Heroes of Newerth . So obviously I learned them from fellow gamers as well. You should hear them speak on mic you’ll never stop laughing. :p

I will not take much of your time as this post is once again non-sense.
Bego lu- y0u’re s+tupid
blo’on- idi0t
dancuk- h0rse shit
makan tai ku- eat my shi+
ngent0t lu- f*ck you!
cium pantat ku- kiss my a$$
memek- pUss y

I don’t even know if these words are legit! LOL!

Doodle Shoes!

Who doesn’t love doodles? Made these doodle shoes for my boyfie’s cousin Marie 🙂 It took me two nights to finish this but the look on her face after seeing it was worth it.

doodle shoes

Achievement Unlocked! Gauge 00(10mm) Tunnel

Stretched my ear!

According to Sir Bong Acosta, the proprietor and tattoo artist of Skin Mode Tattoo Shop here in Davao City, this is the final stretch that my ear can handle. He’s afraid to go even more bigger as it’s delicate and it is prone to ripping so to salvage it we ended up to 10mm stretch only. I’m quite disappointed as I would like to go much bigger. Alas!


My Friend’s Wedding

So my boyfriend and I attended my friend’s wedding last Saturday and then we ended up taking shots such as these.
Dyed my hair pink. btw! ❤
My friend's wedding!


ILOVEYOU More Today Than Yesterday

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday Love Quote


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